Why Do You Need to Use VFD Panels?

VFD panels stand for Variable Frequency Drive panels and it is a type of motor controller that is used to drive an electric motor by making some alterations in the frequency and voltage supplied to the electric device. These panels are commonly known by many names like adjustable frequency drive, micro drive, inverter, AC drive and adjustable speed drive.

If we need to increase the frequency of VFD panels, then the RPMs have to be increased. This shows that the frequency is directly related to the velocity of the motor, which is measured in RPMs. If there is a device that does not require the machine to run and operate at full pace, then VFD can be used to either slow down the voltage or frequency or both depending on the requirements of the electric motor. VFD can also maintain any transformation that needs to be applied to the speed specification of the motor.

Here are some of the reasons why you should use VFD panels:

  1. Less Energy Consumption: Variable Frequency Drive panel is used in motors that do not require to be run at their full pace. Thus, it can reduce the cost of energy consumption by lowering the voltage and frequency of the device. It reduces the power consumption and at the same time makes sure that the device can meet all the load requirements. If VFD is connected, the quality of the equipment is improved and since it cuts down the power consumption, the expenses also go down.
  2. Tighter Process Control: VFD also helps to make the process control tighter, which in turn is used for increasing the productivity of the device. You also get a chance to opt for motor usage according to the efficient speed of the device. This also makes sure that there are less errors. Less errors means that the productivity also gets boosted by another factor. This will make sure that you have higher profits and revenues.
  3. Less Maintenance and Longer Life- When a VFD is installed for monitoring a device and making sure that it runs on an optimal frequency and voltage, the downtime that is caused by the maintenance of the device decreases considerably and the device lasts longer. Since the device runs at optimal parameters at all times, more safety is provided to the device from issues like under voltage, over voltage, electro thermal overloads and phase protection. It also provides a decrease in the water hammer as it runs the acceleration and deceleration cycles very smoothly.

Now that you have seen how useful VFD panels are, you can certainly deploy them at the earliest. They are cost efficient, optimal and make sure you get the most out of your device. It also increases your productivity and helps you to generate profits and revenues with little or no maintenance at all.

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